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I'm new here... *waves*

I'm glad this community exists, but just wish more people would join! lol It's always nice to have a ton of opinions on the matter. ;)

I just turned 32 and, up until this point, either have vehemently rejected the idea of having kids (the world is pretty overpopulated), or have thought that if hubby and I ever did have any, we would be adopting them as they sure as hell weren't coming out of this body! lol I have no earthly idea why, but over the last week or so I've been going through yet another paradigm shift, and have started wondering if maybe I would be alright with the idea of birthing our possible children? Funny....I don't know how shunning commercial shampoos and considering using an IUD instead of hormonal birth control lead to all this, but...

Anyway, I mentioned my childbirthing thoughts to my husband (we've been married almost a year and a half) and he was stunned enough to forget what he had been talking about previously. lmao Glad to see I have that effect...dra

It's certainly not something to be rushed into, so we'll take our time thinking about it. I would rather take at least a year to flush all the BCP hormones out of my body anyway. We go to see the "Women's Wellness" nurse soon, where I'll be asking about an IUD.

Certainly a lot to ponder. On one hand, I've been in the Army for years now and like to think of myself as at least a little "hardcore"! ;) And getting knocked up is not exactly the type of thing hardcore types go around doing... And I know that there are a lot of women who take great pride in being Homemakers, and there is certainly nothing wrong with that. BUT....for me? The thought of being "just" a housewife brings me to my knees. As in "distresses me to the point where I feel nauseous". I would feel like I was losing my identity... Especially in the line of work I'm quote a phrase "You are the job"....or pretty close to it. However, I've also been considering breaking out and trying a career that would allow me to have more of a life, and wouldn't take me away from home, force me to work restrictive hours or shiftwork, or even possibly one where I could work from our home. Hmm...maybe this shift in my thinking has been going on a little longer than a week. ;) But maybe working from home would "mesh" with having children? *ponders* This would require additional schooling though, and then there's the issue of $$$! Student loans are a bitch... I'm still paying one off from years ago. Then again, if only affluent people with no outstanding debts had kids, the world would likely be way less populated. lol Hubby also wants to leave the Army and start his own business up. There's always small business grants though, if you're lucky enough to get one.

Other issues that worry me are: lack of spontenaity (my sister took at least HALF A DAY to get it together enough to "spontaneously" leave the house when my niece was a babe!), I like maintaining a high fitness level and that takes *time*, worrying that I'll be left to do ALL of the domestic stuff by myself (I need to have a complete meltdown for hubby to offer to help around here to begin with), and some other things, I'm sure, that don't come to mind at the moment. *sigh*

So, yeah, I'm definitely wondering how will I know? A lot of thinking going on over the last couple of days....that's for sure.

Anyhoo, thanks for letting me vent.
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