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This August. My birthday. The big 25. I'm the youngest of my social group so I get scoffed at when I mention being wary of my 25th birthday. I know it isn't old... but it means within the next 5 years I have a big decision to make. Hence, this community.

My parents were in their late thirties when they had me, and that's fine and dandy but I'd prefer not being in retirement when my kid is graduating high school if you know what I mean.

I just can't imagine my mind being completely made up at any point, much less in the next 5 years.


- I love my soon-to-be husband so much and I know that children are the greatest gift to a marriage. I want to share all I can with him. /mushiness
- He is already a phenomenal father and although he hasn't come right out and said it, I know he wants another child.
- They seem so soft and cuddly sometimes. And I can teach them things and bring them places.


- Loss of all freedom. I'm a housewife now so it's not like I'm not home all day already... but I'm also a volunteer firefighter, which I'm sure I would have to give up. And I like being able to just leave the house if I want to leave. The thought of strollers and diaper bags and car seats just knot up my stomach.
- Money. Of course money is always an issue.
- The baby stuff, you know, screaming and dirty diapers.
- Me. What if I don't like being a mom? ;_; What a horrible thought... but it nags at me.

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